Belated Happy New Year…..

I hope you all had a good Christmas & best wishes for 2014.

I’ve been silent for a while as since our wifi has been installed I’ve been busy catching up on TV & surfing the net. I really felt lost without it. I’m obviously too reliant on it.

Anyway, having had too much to eat & drink over Christmas & New Year  “my lips are now sealed”! Only healthy eating from now on & so far have managed to stay on track. Fingers crossed it lasts as several things to look forward to this year. A friend gets married & holidays to look forward to. I don’t want to have to squeeze into my wedding outfit or look like a beached whale when I’m by the pool.

Tomorrow we’re heading off to Limassol. In all the years we’ve been coming to Cyprus we’ve never been. We did try to find it once but got lost & got so frustrated trying to find it turned around & came back home. Hopefully, we’ll have better luck tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be good (19 & sunny) so I’ve done a packed lunch & am hoping we can find a nice quite spot on a beach somewhere for a picnic. I’ll let you know how we get on in the next few days.

On another note, I’ve also been doing a bit of card making. Seriously lost my creative mojo but here are my efforts….

That’s all for tonight. Speak again in a few days.