Yesterday was interesting!

We visited the Prime Tel shop so we could register for wifi to be installed at home. It took ages as we had to provide all sorts of proof & complete loads of paperwork. It must have taken over an hour & all this time more & more people kept coming into the shop. The two assistants didn’t get flustered & nobody seemed to be bothered by the growing numbers. No additional staff were sent down from the office upstairs to assist those waiting either. Rich & I kept giving everyone apologetic smiles but nobody was bothered & they just waited patiently. When we left there was no mad scramble by those waiting to be served next they just seemed to know who was before them.

I had to smile to myself as it was all very orderly. If that had happened in the UK there would have been mayhem & lots of huffing & puffing. The downside is that it will take a month to get wifi installed which is not great but I’m not going to get worked up about it, it just means I’ll have to visit more cafés to pick up free wifi – which is ok with me, I can do eating & drinking well!

It did make me think of work although not for long & wondered what OFWAT would have made of the service & wait time!

After registering we drove to Paphos Harbour for a drink. No better way to relax & chill out than by having a drink whilst looking at the sea. It had been a stressful morning after all.

Rich & I were enjoying the moment; watching the sea & sipping our drinks whilst soaking up the sun when my wonderful husband turned to me & said “if anything happens to you would you mind if I took up smoking again”. Well, you can just imagine my face……. where did a comment like that come from?

Rich quit about 8 months ago but often says he misses it. Everyone smokes in Cyprus & I suppose sitting in the sun breathing in the smoke around him made him crave one. You can just guess what my answer was!

Today is overcast but 25 degrees & quite humid. I decided to walk to the Post Office to post a birthday card for a friend. Yes people you can pick yourself up off the floor as I did some exercise – I walked down & back up a hill! No cashiers behind glass screens just walked up to a wooden counter & asked the nice Cypriot man dressed in jeans for stamps. Voila card posted. Hope it arrives in South Africa by the 8th December.

A picture of our local Post Office below.



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  1. Fingers crossed you might? Get it sooner! Posted a card to you this morning so let me know when arrives please.

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