We’re here (at last)

Just a quick post to let people know that we arrived safely.

The Easyjet flight was good although a bit bumpy at times. You know what a scaredy cat I am but several double vodkas helped to calm my nerves although didn’t have a good head the next day. I thought I was getting to grips with my fear of flying but obviously not as Rich’s hand still bears some scars! At least I’m off the prescribed drugs!

Weather is great – about 24/25 degrees during the day dropping slightly at night. A little overcast today but still warm, we’ve had a walk along the beach front in t-shirts, shorts & flops! Sorry guys if you’re back home freezing.

My posts are going to be a bit sporadic as we still don’t have wifi in the house & it could take about a month to get it installed – nothing is rushed here but that’s one of the great things about this place.

Well, that’s all for now as leaving the beach cafe (& free wifi).

Enjoy your weekend.


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