I’m still alive!

I can’t believe that my last post was over a month ago!

I promise we’ve not been lazy. We’ve had lots to do. No long lie ins instead we’ve been up bright & early most mornings. Makes me wonder how we managed to fit everything in when we both worked full time.

Anyway, we’ve both been so busy. Catching up with old friends & doing what we do best – eating & drinking.

Our boxes have been packed & dropped off in Hemel Hemstead ready to be put on the container bound for Cyprus on 19th November.

I went to the NEC Craft show with my mom this Thursday & stocked up with more papers & dies to keep me busy on the cold days & nights in Cyprus. I think Rich despairs at times as I just have so much stuff but then some of us are addicted to clothes or shoes my weakness is crafting stuff.

This weekend we had the first of our early Christmas celebrations with family. My sister’s house was buzzing with activity on Saturday, peeling veg, roasting meat & filling up the fridge with wine & beer. We had a lovely meal finished with yummy puds made by my mom – she is the best cook ever.

It was lovely to see Daisy-Mai trying to open her Christmas gifts. I can’t believe she is almost a year, she’s got her own little personality now & really is a cutie. We had lots of laughs & the house was really noisy. Makes me realise I will really miss being with them at Christmas.

Anyway, after eating & drinking far too much we are now back in Wales for a couple of days before we do it all again – this time with Richard’s family.

Mom's yummy Meringue Pie!

Mom’s yummy Meringue Pie!

My little cutie pie - she is laughing honest!

My little cutie pie – she is laughing honest!

Grannie with her "Cheeky Beeky"!

Grannie with her “Cheeky Beeky”!


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