Had a lovely day today. After much debate about what to do we ended up spending a couple of hours wandering around The Tomb of the Kings – a world heritage site

I’m yet to read the guide book in full (yes I am an anorak) but believe the tombs are pre-Roman & despite the name Kings weren’t buried here rather wealthy citizens.

I find it amazing how they built these tombs underground, carving out steps & colonnades into the rocks.

Many years ago on our first visit to Cyprus we stayed at the Venus Beach Hotel with a room overlooking this site. At the time I can remember saying to Rich “I wonder why people are walking over a building site”. Little did I know we were so close to such an historical site – sorry!!!!

I hope I’ve labelled the photo’s correctly.

P.S. As you can see another lovely sunny day but the weather forecast is a bit grim for the weekend with rain, thunder & lightening predicted.


Had a good day in Limassol although Lady Mile Beach was a bit disappointing. To be fair there were road & drainage works going on which meant we didn’t get to the sandy beach but instead ended up on the pebbly part near the new port. The sea was a bit rough but we watched a couple of fit young guys surfing whilst we ate our sarnies.

We also drove to the Old Port & walked along the sea front for quite a way. They’ve done a really nice job of the promenade with walkways & green areas with benches. Why is staring at the sea so relaxing?

We didn’t have time to do much else so guess we’ll be going back as still lots to see. I’m not sure that I’d like to live in Limassol as it’s huge. I’ve been told approximately 100 000 people live in & around the city compared to 50 000 in the Paphos area.

I’ve made a few more cards so here they are:

Belated Happy New Year…..

I hope you all had a good Christmas & best wishes for 2014.

I’ve been silent for a while as since our wifi has been installed I’ve been busy catching up on TV & surfing the net. I really felt lost without it. I’m obviously too reliant on it.

Anyway, having had too much to eat & drink over Christmas & New Year  “my lips are now sealed”! Only healthy eating from now on & so far have managed to stay on track. Fingers crossed it lasts as several things to look forward to this year. A friend gets married & holidays to look forward to. I don’t want to have to squeeze into my wedding outfit or look like a beached whale when I’m by the pool.

Tomorrow we’re heading off to Limassol. In all the years we’ve been coming to Cyprus we’ve never been. We did try to find it once but got lost & got so frustrated trying to find it turned around & came back home. Hopefully, we’ll have better luck tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be good (19 & sunny) so I’ve done a packed lunch & am hoping we can find a nice quite spot on a beach somewhere for a picnic. I’ll let you know how we get on in the next few days.

On another note, I’ve also been doing a bit of card making. Seriously lost my creative mojo but here are my efforts….

That’s all for tonight. Speak again in a few days.

Yesterday my earth moved & ….

Rich had nothing to do with it!

Just after 5pm yesterday, we were both downstairs reading when I mentioned to Rich that it felt like my chair was rocking. He told me to stop being daft!

As it turns out I wasn’t being stupid, an earthquake shook Cyprus. It measured 5.9 on the Richter scale. The epicentre of the quake was off the coast of Turkey in the bay of Antalya but we felt the aftershock.

Not sure why Rich didn’t feel anything yet the whole of the island did! Luckily nobody hurt but lots of frightened people.

Well so far most of my blogging has centred on us eating & drinking. Well, just to prove that we can do something other than eat & drink I’m going to share the little adventure we had on Saturday & promise no mention of food.

We woke up to a glorious morning in Peyia, with the sun shining, bright blue skies & temperatures of 17 degrees. (Sorry guys I know you are freezing back home). We’d woken early as wanted to visit a Farmers Market & Craft Fair held in the “Heaven on Earth Herb Garden” in the village of Pano Akourdaleia.

From Peyia we drove up the mountain through the village of Kathikas – well not quite through it as there were road works blocking both of the main entrances we know into the village so had to drive round it. Something only the Cypriots could do but one of the reasons we love this quirky place! Not sure how the restaurants & bars in the little square are fairing with little or no access although am sure there must be a way in but we just don’t know about it!

Pano Akourdaleia is a quaint little village centred around the Church & the Herb Garden. You could tell that we were high up as the temperature dropped slightly to 15 degrees & the air was quite fresh. Not a lot at the market that we wanted to buy so after a quick walk round it we wandered down some of the streets. As usual I was clicking away with my camera.



Check these funky trees out we found in someone’s garden down a side street. I might suggest to our neighbour that this is how we trim his tree next year although I’m not sure if Rich’s talents stretch this far!


After the market we decided to drive to Latsi Harbour a small village near Polis.We usually follow the main road over the mountain & down the other side but halfway down the road was closed. No diversion signs & no evidence as to why. We had a choice either go left or right & we chose to go left “skirting” the village of Drousa. We visited here a couple of years ago & has loads of old stone houses & quaint tavernas. There is now a very swish looking spa resort which we must come back to as looked very nice but was all closed up for the Winter.

We parked the car on a dusty patch of road & walked along the harbour. The harbour was packed with private boats of all shapes & sizes. Some of the tourist glass bottom boats had been taken out of the water for their winter service – just propped up on oil drums to get underneath! We had a quick drink at “Kouk Cafe” so that we could get free wifi as still no sign of when ours is going to be installed.




After a diet coke & espresso we got back into the car & followed the coast road to Polis & from there onto Pomos where we stopped at another little harbour. All these little places are situated along the Chrissochou Gulf.

It’s not very often that you have a beach to yourself but we were the only people on it. The water was so calm & everything so peaceful it just makes me wonder how something so beautiful can also be so cruel. I know there are only so many pictures you can take of the sea & blue sky but I just can’t help myself & found myself clicking merrily away.



Cyprus has been badly hit by both the property market & banking collapse & even though there are half built holiday complexes & locked building compounds all along the coast, people are still building. CRAZY why not finish those already started! I’m told that people with money (& there are still many of those about – I’ve never seen so many Mercs & posh 4 x 4s) are building as material & labour is now so cheap.

By the time we got home it was about 4pm & the sun was starting to set. Just time to look at the gorgeous view from our balcony before settling in for the night.